I recently attended the 2016 Lawyernomics conference hosted by Avvo in Las Vegas. Before coming to conference, I really didn’t know what to expect. A conference full of lawyers looking for a way to improve their Avvo rating? Lawyers looking for an excuse to get out the office and head to Vegas?

To my surprise, I found a group of over 300 lawyers from around the nation, who genuinely sought insight on how to effectively grow their practice and efficiently reach legal consumers.

Over the two-day conference, there were a host of presentations and panels focused on running a law practice, strategic financial management for law firms, branding your legal practice, etc. Many innovative legal tech and legal marketing companies showcased their products and services. Companies like Spotlight Branding, a web design and social media marketing company for law firms and SmokeBall, a case management software company that makes solo attorneys and small law firms more efficient and profitable.

The Avvo Team revealed their latest product offerings and insights on the legal industry. Avvo CEO, Mark Britton introduced the New Legal Consumer during his state of the union address.


Other than the fact that I was the ONLY law student at the conference, (I’ll get to that later) all of the panels and presentations were extremely applicable for law students who will enter a rapidly changing legal profession. Even by the time I graduate next year, we will all need to have a deep knowledge of the legal consumer to compete as a new attorney. However, we barely scratch the surface of these topics in our legal education. Only with the rare exception of Professor Spencer in my solo & small practice course at Seattle University School of Law. (S/O @james_w_spencer).

The last impression I can provide was that being the only law student at Lawyernomics, the first words every attorney uttered was “I wish I came to these types of conferences as a law student.” Therefore, don’t be afraid to venture out to legal conferences as law student. You can even check out some of the upcoming legal conferences on my resources page. All in all, in the short two days of the Lawyernomics, I was able to garner relationships with lawyers all across nation, build upon some of the relationship I previously fostered and party at XS in Vegas learn a ton about the cutting edge trends in the legal industry.

I would like to thank the Avvo team and all of the partners who supported. Thank you!