Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.25.51 PMIn 2004, The Washington State Supreme Court adopted Washington State Access to Justice Technology Principles, which now guides the use of technology in the Washington State justice system. The first of its kind in the nation, the Principles ensure that “[u]se of technology in the justice system … serve[s] to promote equal access to justice and to promote the opportunity for equal participation in the justice system for all.” Since their inception, many states around the nation have adopted similar principles to provide a framework which creators of technology products and projects may use to extend access to the justice system.

The Washington State Access to Justice Board is resisting the ATJ Tech principles at the upcoming Technology & Justice Symposium hosted by University of Washington School of Law on Friday, September 9th. The symposium will explore the impact of technology on access to justice.

Co-Chairs of the Washington State Access to Justice Board Technology Committee, Judge Laura Bradley, and Emily McReynolds will open the symposium, and Washington State Supreme Court Chief Justice Barbara Madsen will give the welcoming remarks.

There will several panels and breakout sessions during the symposium. The symposium will connect those working in law, technology, legal aid and nonprofits to work toward improving outcomes in access to justice. If you would like to attend the event or have additional questions, please contact Emily McReynolds at 206-685-4533 or Law Students are free to attend the symposium.